Keep Calm & Slay Scented Candle

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Make anywhere feel like home when you burn custom candle jars with lids. Made with vegan materials and recycled glass, your custom jar candles are a treasure from nature. Our candles are handmade by artisans, which you won't find with mass-produced candles. With four inviting fragrances to choose from, you can enjoy setting the mood no matter how you're feeling. Enjoy a candlelit dinner with the pink fizz scent, or an evening meditation with our soothing lavender-based scent aptly named Relax. 


  • Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon: orange, clove, and cinnamon fragrance oils
  • Relax: essential oils from a natural plant source - lavender, geranium, sweet orange, and ylang ylang
  • Pink Fizz and Grapefruit: sparkling wine, citrus, apple, grapefruit
  • Lime, Basil, and Mandarin: tangerine, lime, and mandarin
LIMITED EDITION 1 | 40: Includes Certificate of Authenticity BY SLAY THE DAY BY D COLE
limited edition
  • Clean burning candles (minimal soot)
  • 4oz burn time of 36 hours (approx)
  • 8.4oz burn time of 60 hours (approx)
  • Do not use metal lid while candle is hot


  • Candle size: 3.0" x 3.3" x 3.0"
  • Gift box size: 3.1" x 3.4" x 3.1"
  • Weight (with box): 14.1 oz

Designer Travel Candles

Designer Travel Candles

  • Natural wax made from soy, coconut and rapeseed oils
  • 100% vegan with recycled glass
  • Handmade by artisan candlemakers
  • Do not use metal lid while candle is hot
  • Do not leave candles unattended at any times

Care instructions

Hand wash, removing candle first. Do not leave candles unattended at any time. Carelessness causes fire.

  • Hand Wash
  • Carelessness causes fire. Do not leave candles unattended at any time