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Private Coaching Call With D. Cole

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Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but didn't know where to start? 3 years ago prior to starting my own business, I was exactly where you are now! Overworked and significantly underpaid. I followed the shiny red ball joining several " promising" affiliate programs. While working my way up to becoming the lead and or top representative of some longtime and groundfloor business. I spent countless long days and nights for years, working hard to assist others in building and maintaining their businesses.  Meanwhile, I was also being given the side-eye by my family. They wondered why me: a BSW social worker, state-licensed Hairdresser, with several accolades, awards, and proclamations would work so hard at building someone else's ground floor business with little or no insight of how the business operates and functions. The truth was I had no control over anything but I played a MAJOR part in the businesses and was an asset to everyone but myself. I was once told by a friend, "That's not your business, your working so hard and they are using you!" It hurt like heck being told this but it was true! My title as a lead was nothing more than a figurehead and granted from the enthusiasm and dedication of my works. When both businesses closed down I had to look that same person in the face and tell them they were 100% correct! For the past several years I have attended several conferences in person and online. I have researched for countless hours and have invested a lot of time money in energy to get where I am today. As the founder and owner of Slay The Day By D Cole    

I have learned and taught myself how to start my own business, build my own website, gain professional networks of vetted vendors and so much more! 

This private coaching call includes:


  • Personalized advice on starting a business
  • Branding & Profit Strategies 
  • Vetted Vendor Referrals 
  • Website design ( How to start your own website)
  • How to setup A Email Marketing Campaign

Special Instructions: In the notes section entitled: "Special instructions for seller" Please provide your contact information telephone number, email address, social media handles, and website. Along with the time and date, that you would like to schedule your private coaching call. I will promptly respond by email within 24hrs to confirm the time and date. 

***All sales nonrefundable for Private Coaching Calls **

*Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or legal advisor. The information and tools provide are of my personal skills and experience how to start a business.  

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